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Lets promote masaabaland

Meet Eric Mukhwana, Founder/CEO

Eric Mukhwana is the Founder/CEO of Masaabaland. He is seasoned marketer and lover of culture.
He is also Publisher, Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker.

For years, Eric has been sharing captivating stories on social media promoting tourism in Masaabaland. 

 He has attracted different audiences who always check his wall to get inspirations for the day. It is upon that growing need that Eric decided to start Masaabaland as heritage tour operator to answer his audience demand.

He has worked with reputable companies in Uganda that include The New Vision, Daily Monitor, PostBank Uganda and Java Consulting as a marketer, senior banking officer and trainer.
He is currently serving Inzu ya Masaaba (House of Masaaba) as Deputy Prime Minister for Culture, Tourism & Communications.
He can be reached on +256783534126 (WHATSAPP) or +256756507900.
Email: ilovemasaabaland@gmail.com