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Holiday Themes

Holiday Themes

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Lets promote masaabaland


We organize different experiential themes for tourists, including cultural festivals, historic tours, storytelling meetings, corporate tours, student tours. The group size is usually start from ten. All of them are accompanied by expert storytellers.

Masaabaland Festivals

We have Imbalu Festival and Music & Dance Festival

Imbalu Festival is organized every even year. Imbalu Festival is the world’s second biggest festival after Brazil Sambo Festival. You will watch and dance cultural dances like kadodi, isonja, tsinyimba and kamabeka. You will watch bull wrestling and a lot more.

Music & Dance Festival: Nothing is better than the pleasure of listening to traditional music in direct interface with composers and performers. Linking the music with the historical context is at the heart of all our planning to ensure that the music itself is performed live by artists with a culture at the centre of every performance.


Our storytellers are expert narrators with deep knowledge about culture and Masaabaland heritage. Stories are told at fireplaces or chosen ambient venues as you take a drink and listen to traditional music. Sometimes local performance are organized to connect stories with experiential. The minimum number of participants is 25.

 Corporate Groups

We work with organizations, corporate and social, in variety of cultural fields in creating a selection of engaging, informative and enjoyable tours. These tours are uniquely designed with their interests in mind.